Adopt a Better Worldview!
There are a growing number of authors, painfully aware of the diminishing vitality of the Western culture. Several recently published books deal with the population decline of civilized Europe and America. Since the Western Christian countries are reproducing below the replacement rate, most of these writers have arrived at a consensus that the West is suicidal. But is this the correct conclusion? One of the books, How Civilizations Die (and Why Islam is Dying too) by David P. Goldman (2011) is especially thought provoking, because it reveals that the Islamic population is also on the downslide. How can this be? After all, the Islamic governments forbid abortion. The answer is that “population control” is part of the humanist (secular) agenda. The humanists’ pressure for population decrease is worldwide, and under the radar, it also extends to Islamic countries.

If you are interested in Theo-politics you’ll find this a fascinating book; I could not stop reading it. It is an important book, because it deals with the most vital problems of our time, and it inspires the reader to ask many questions.

My first question is, do “civilizations” really die, or just amalgamate? Should we equate civilization with the political organization of a nation? In that case, the Greek-Roman civilization is dead. But we know that is far from the truth. The basic Greek idea of civilization is that politics, religion, and culture must be dictated by the “intellectual” segment of society, and the rest of the population must submit. The Stoic Rome adopted this maxim, and carried it to the “barbarians.”
Is The West Suicidal?